Hey! Spring is in the air!  Just finishing filming episode 2  of ‘Tyger Takes On’ Series 2 and having a lot of fun in the process. Will let you know when the shows are due to air. Also please keep an eye out for the living history show ’24 Hour In The Past’ where I live as a  poor Victorian for a week. It was very tough but a great challenge and I met some very interesting people. The show which runs for 4 episodes is starting on BBC 1 in the next few weeks, so please check it out to see how I cope.

I’ve been pretty busy of late so I’m off on a short holiday to Tokyo. Sayonara!

And I’ve finally got my act together with merchandising.  ’Tyger’  IPhone 5 covers are available now with the first 100 orders receiving a signed photo.

Check it out on:


Laaaaaav Tyger X