Hey! I hope you all enjoyed  series 3 of Cuckoo. I think it was the best series yet. Great news that series 4 & 5 have now been commissioned and we start filming series 4 in a couple of months. So looking forward to getting back with ‘the Thompson family again. And, talking of families, Outnumbered will return for a Christmas special in 2016.  I bet Dan Roche is way taller than me now. Lol! Be good to see him and the rest of the Brockman clan too.  Another family I’ll be hanging with soon is the Khans. I start working on the next series of BBC 1 sitcom Citizen Khan next month, revising my role as ‘Scab’. Hopefully I’ll get to learn more Urdu when filming this time!  Finally, I’m getting a right ‘roasting’ on Safeword on July 7th on ITV 2, so please check that out..

Off on my holidays next week – can’t wait to get some sunshine!

Tyger’  IPhone 5 covers are still available!! Check out this link:


Laaaaaav Tyger X