Hey! What’s happened to the summer? It feels like Autumn already!

‘Tyger Takes On Series 2′ is coming soon.  I investigate ‘Sexuality’ and ‘Sexism’ this time. It should be on your screens within a month or two. Will let you know as soon as I have the transmission dates. And I’ve just finished filming series 3 of Cuckoo. Was great to be back with the ‘family’ again. The scripts are  hilarious as always and I’m really looking forward to seeing finished show, guessing that should be on your screens soon too!

Have a guest role in another BBC comedy starting tomorrow, so looking forward to that.  And I’ll be popping up on Celebrity Pointless and Celebrity 15 – 1 soon too. I will let you all know so you see how I get on – its seriously scary stuff – lol!

‘Tyger’  IPhone 5 covers are available now with the first 100 orders receiving a signed photo. Check it out on:


Laaaaaav Tyger X