Hope you have all enjoyed the fifth and final series of Outnumbered It’s sad; truly the end of an era, but I’m hopeful the Brockman family will get together again for a special or two down the line. Talking of families, I am currently half way though filming series 2 of Cuckoo with the amazing Twilight superstar Taylor Lautner. What a nice guy he is!! The scripts are hilarious btw!

I’m also still finishing off filming my own documentary series for BBC 3 called ‘The Eye of The Tyger’ So exciting! It’s been really hard work and a totally new venture for me, but has been a fabulous experience and I’ve met some amazing people on my journey. The first of three one hour shows is due to air in the middle of May so watch out for that!!

And I’ve finally got my act together with merchandising.  ’Tyger’  IPhone 5 covers are available now with the first 100 orders receiving a signed photo.

Check it out on:


Laaaaaav Tyger X