Hey! Wow it’s so cold and dark out there!  Winter is certainly with us, and it’s such a shame Christmas is all over for another year. Hope you all had a great time and enjoyed the Cuckoo Christmas Special. Fingers crossed we’ll be filming series 3 sometime this year. Just about to start filming episode 2  of ‘Tyger Takes On’ Series 2 and hoping to meet some more interesting contributors along the way. And if you fancy a little sunshine to cheer you up, my guest role in Death In Paradise is on BBC 1 on  January 22nd. So if you like a good ‘Whodunit’, please check that out. Looking forward to seeing it myself actually!

Also wonderful news! As a fitting tribute to a great show that I was honored to be a part of for 7 years of my life, Outnumbered has been nominated as ‘Best Comedy’ at the National Television Awards later this month. Fabulous that I get to go to the awards show and meet up with lots of the gang again. We’re up against some very tough opposition, so if you fancy popping along to the NTA site and casting a vote in support of Outnumbered, please do!!

Stay warm and Happy New Year to you all!

And I’ve finally got my act together with merchandising.  ’Tyger’  IPhone 5 covers are available now with the first 100 orders receiving a signed photo.

Check it out on:


Laaaaaav Tyger X