Hey! Summer is coming. Hooray! I hope you’ve all been enjoying the occasional burst of sunshine!

I’ve just finished filming episode 2  of ‘Tyger Takes On Series 2′ and can’t wait to see the finished shows. I’ve got a feeling they’re going to be shown sometime in June. Will let you know the dates when I have them.

I hope you’ve all been watching the living history show ’24 Hour In The Past’ where I live as a  poor Victorian for a week with 5 others. The show is currently on BBC1 on Tuesdays at 9pm, so please check it out to see how I cope. Be prepared I not only look incredibly dirty but also a little weird as I cut my head open the day before I went into the past. Not recommended to introduce an open wound into all that filth – lol!

I’ll be popping up on Sunday Brunch with my old friend Dionne Bromfield on the 24th May to promote ‘Up All Night’; a movie I shot last year with some of my old Friday Download mates. The film opens all over the country in Vue cinemas on 22nd May, so please check it out!

And I’ve finally got my act together with merchandising.  ’Tyger’  IPhone 5 covers are available now with the first 100 orders receiving a signed photo.

Check it out on:


Laaaaaav Tyger X