‘Congratulations on being so fabulous in Outnumbered. I saw it on a plane, and even though it was 2am in the morning, when I landed, I went into HMV and bought both series. You’re fantastic in it. You are a young man with an exceptional talent, so keep it up!’
James Corden

‘I have had the pleasure of working with Tyger in five series of Outnumbered in which he plays my son Jake.Outnumbered is an unusual series in that the actors are not only expected to be able to learn and deliver lines in character, but also to improvise huge swathes of dialogue. In both aspects Tyger has proved himself to be outstanding, and has developed a pitch perfect performance in which he is never less than completely convincing. In short I believe Tyger to be an outstanding actor both in skill and temperament and a very bright future awaits him.’
Hugh Dennis

‘In every scene we film with Tyger, he always comes across as completely real – a rare quality. He also has a natural gift for comedy; again, a rare asset. Tyger responds brilliantly to directions, and we often find ourselves forgetting his age and treating him as an adult. Most impressively of all, perhaps, Tyger has proved himself to be a very skilled improviser and we have made considerable use of that talent in many scenes in Outnumbered. He is great fun to work with, always constructive, always calm, and we feel he is a very special boy with a bright future as a performer.’
Andy Hamilton & Guy Jenkin

‘Tyger is the most down-to-earth, uprecocious young actor I ever had the pleasure of working with. He has a charming gentle spirit on set that will serve him well if he were to choose the acting profession, and a maturity beyond his years that makes him an absolute joy to work with. He is a very natural, thoughtful and talented actor who could have a wonderful career.’
Samantha Bond

‘It has been my enormous pleasure to work alongside Tyger in my role as executive producer, writer and performer onThe Armstrong & Miller Show. When we auditioned boys for various parts in the first series, Tyger stood out for his maturity, understanding of the characters we asked him to read, and his all-round acting talent. He has a gift for understated and believable performances, and it has been very satisfying to watch him, as he returned for a second and third series, evolve into a significant and very strong part of our small repertory of actors. Tyger is a thoroughly likeable and intelligent fellow who is an asset to any production or company, and I have no doubt we will be hearing a great deal more of Tyger in years to come.’
Alexander Armstrong

‘I am the producer of the animated series The Large Family based on the bestselling books by Jill Murphy. After extensive auditions, I cast Tyger to play the eldest elephant child, Lester Large. Tyger has done a great job for us. He is enthusiastic for the role and this comes over in his performance. He is able and happy to take direction and is quick on the uptake, and I feel Tyger has put a lot of himself into the role. But most importantly for this show, which is essentially an ensemble piece, he works very well as part of the whole team, helping me make the cast feel like a real family.’
Dan Maddicott

Tyger, I just have to say what a great experience it has been working with you. You impressed me each week with your commitment to the show. It was a real achievement, and you should be incredibly proud of yourself. Managing to convey the necessary information, and more importantly the sense of fun to the audience is not an easy job. There honestly wasn’t a single moment across the series where I felt you wouldn’t be able to do this. Knowing I could trust you to do a brilliant job each week really was the key to the success of the games download.
Erin McPartland. Producer Friday Download.